Is it time for a fresh face on RTE’s panel?

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Is it time for a fresh face on RTE’s panel?

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Between them they’ve a combined age of 193 or something crazy like that, but is it really time to say ‘out with the old and in with the new’ as Ireland approach the World Cup qualifiers?

We were all excited at the prospect of Bill O’Herlihy doing a jig on the table if Ireland made the final (he did promise he would!) but with three consecutive losses in Poland Bill was firmly stuck to his seat and Dunphy, Brady and Giles didn’t have much to sing or dance about either.

Would a fresh face like Niall Quinn or a motor mouth opinion leader like Roy Keane shake up the panel? Say what you like about Roy Keane. His outbursts might be ill-timed but he seems to have a lot of support from fans who love nothing more than someone who’s willing to stick their oar in and rock the boat!

Tell us who you’d like to see join the RTE soccer panel.

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