The Traplets

Move over Jedward, you’re no longer Ireland’s most famous siblings! Introducing… “The Traplets”, the official mascots for Three, proud sponsors of the Irish National Football Team!

Follow the lads on the below links and watch out for their funky dance moves at all the home games:


Hot Shot Sean‘Hot Shot’ Séan.

  • Name: Séan
  • Height: 6ft
  • Age: Eh… Mind your own!
  • Eyes: ‘Emerald Isle’ Green
  • Hair: Flaming Red – and proud!
  • Idol: Robbie Keane
  • Song: Rocky Road to Poland
  • Dance: The Shuffle

About Me.

People used to say that I was the fiery, quick, tempered one. That’s right… they USED to say it. Football is my life. I’d trade my brothers to be called for the Irish Squad. (You hear that Trap?!)


Show Off Shane‘Show Off’ Shane.

  • Name: Shane
  • Height: 6ft 1
  • Age: That’s just a number!
  • Eyes: ‘Summer Sky’ Blue
  • Hair: Naturally Blond
  • Idol: Damien Duff
  • Song: Eh… Rocky Road to Poland… Obviously!
  • Dance: The Shimmy!

About Me.

Some say I’m a ‘Show-Off’ – Most say I’m just a confident guy who knows what he wants! I clearly got the looks in the family and let me tell you… it’s not easy being the best looking Traplet. Séan and Shay tend to get a little jealous with all of the attention I get… but that’s life!


Safe Hands Shay‘Safe Hands’ Shay.

  • Name: Shay
  • Height: 6ft 1.5
  • Age: Whatever Sean said!
  • Eyes: ‘Dark Chocolate’ Brown
  • Hair: Brown. If I take Shane’s dye I could be blonde :)
  • Idol: Bonner or Given
  • Song: Put Em Under Pressure
  • Dance: The Scissors

About Me.

The lads look to me to take charge and set an example. I like to keep them on track and all that. It can be hard though… specially when I’m trying to stop Sean from arguing with a wall and pry Shane away from a mirror. I know what you’re thinking too. Yes… I am single. From an orderly queue…