Ways To SupportTeam Look a Likes

Team Look a Likes.

Who do you look-a-like? Join our Lookalikes Squad this summer Are you the head of Hunt, Doyler's doppelganger or the spit of Shay? Then you're the one we're looking for. We're putting the ultimate Lookalikes Squad together and you could be on it. Here's how you get the call-up:

  • Pick which player you most look like
  • upload your photo to that player's gallery
  • wait and see if your face fits – the best ones make the squad

For the next week (19th June to 27th June) we will also we offering fans who upload their pics the chance of winning a Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy Mini Fans’ Smartphone. So whether you’re Richard Dunne’s long lost twin or Robbie Keane’s undiscovered stunt double, find a photo and upload it now. Full details here.